Heather Wolf
“Baking and love go hand in hand, for as one bakes a tasty treat and fills the room with its sweet aroma, the true joy is to take what has been made and share it with another”.
Heather Wolf

“Flour and butter, cream and sugar, words and images -- all the ingredients for a rich, tasty story.”

Rona Simmons

“Everything you expect of flour and a bit more. We love the things you do in your kitchen”.

About company

For you, we grind the best grain that can be found in Ukraine. Thanks to the gained experience and knowledge of our experts, flour of Kyivmlyn is now among the best products made by the leading manufacturers in Ukraine. We enjoy respect and trust of millions of Ukrainian housekeepers. Cook up your ideas and create new memory lane with Kyivmlyn flour!

Why us?
Strict control over the quality of the feedstock, in-house production control laboratory and modern processing technologies put us in position to ensure the best quality of our products.
Kyivmlyn flour is a natural GMO-free product. We never use bleaching agents or artificial enzymes in our production process. The grain is procured from the best agricultural companies of Ukraine.
With Kyivmlyn flour, you can be sure of the results whatever the experiments. Everything you dream up in your kitchen will be tasty and flourishing, the dough will be gorgeous, your home will be muffled up with fragrance of comfort, care and love. All you need is love to put it in our flour. It’s that simple!
Mini-bakery, restaurants and cafes can impress their clients with excellent bakery, pancakes and pizza made with Kyivmlyn flour. Our convenient packaging (5, 10 and 50 kg) makes it possible to control the production costs by offering unique prices to small businesses.
Kyivmlyn, facts and figures
daily mill capacity
every day select Kyivmlyn flour in
Ukrainian retail networks*
tonnes of grain
elevator’s storage capacity at a time
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sold over the last year
*based on the retail second sales data for March, 2018
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