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True flour of the best quality

Kyivmlyn sells prepackaged premium grade wheat flour. Kyivmlyn premium grade flour is made of carefully selected soft grade wheat and is ideally suited for creating the most delicious bread and bakery. Strict and thorough control over the incoming grain, its preliminary treatment and preparation help us produce flour with unadulterated taste and gorgeous traditional scent free from any unwanted sour, bitter or sweet flavor. Independent tests prove the ideal correlation between all characteristics of Kyivmlyn flour. During the production, our mills carefully separate coarse grain particles from the mealy core minimizing the contents of ash and mineral substances in the finished product. With ash contents at 0.5%, our flour meets the most demanding requirements and keeps leading positions among other Ukrainian manufacturers in terms of this criterion.

Today, Kyivmlyn’s product line is as follows: premium grade wheat flour. All products are prepackaged in different bags: 1 kg, 2 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg, 25 kg and 50 kg. Read more. Details...
All over Ukraine, many professional bakers recognize that Kyivmlyn flour is ideally suited for making any type of bakery products, for making pasta, pizza and chilled pre-cooked dishes. The finest pancakes, golden pies, airy bread with a crunchy crust, appetizing pizza and neat ravioli – our flour is an unrivaled base for any culinary masterpiece you create in your kitchen. 
Gluten content is one of the most important properties of flour. Gluten is a substance made of wheat proteins obtained when the wheat is mixed with water. It is gluten that ensures elasticity and retains carbon dioxide in the dough, thus making for the porosity of bread. Optimum gluten content (25%) and gluten deformation index (GDI) of 70 points will facilitate kneading elastic and supple dough which, not being sticky, is easily mixed and formed while retaining the required carbon dioxide. The products cooked with our flour rise perfectly, keep shape and ideal porosity ensuring the desired effect of richness, softness and airiness of pastry.