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Cook and dream.

Dough for pizza
Normally, you can use everything you get from your fridge, and the combinations of the ingredients may differ. To make the filling, cut everything into small pieces, grate cheese, slice vegetables into thin chips.
My grandmother’s Easter cake
Heat milk to 25-30 centigrade, dissolve yeast, add 2 glasses of flour and prepare the liquid dough (brew). Cover the vessel with the brew with wet towel and put it in a warm place for 45-60 minutes. While the brew rises, whip eggs with sugar, salt and vanilla; melt butter and pour it into the whipped mixture. Whip everything once again, add lemon peels, if you want to give your dough yellowish color and aroma of lemon.
Home-made pancakes
3 egs, a pinch of salt, 3-4 spoonfuls of sugar, 500 ml of milk, 500 ml of water. 2-3 glasses of Kyivmlyn flour, 2 spoonfuls of vegetable oil. Whip eggs, sugar and salt to firm peaks, add milk and water, give a stir. Add flour by portions and continue whipping until the mixture becomes homogeneous and resembles dense sour cream. Add vegetable oil, give a stir.