«KyivMlyn» flour has a new packaging!


Flour is a traditional product always present in every kitchen, and people hardly ever think about its trade dress often taking a pack from the shelf by force of habit. In August 2018, one of the largest Ukrainian flour manufacturers, KyivMlyn launched its newly designed packaging. Today, the new style of the company and its refreshed packaging present a new level of a famous brand development.

“We make our flour abiding by very demanding national standards, but we always wanted our product’s appearance match its perfect quality. We made our best and even better efforts to preserve the style while redesigning the look of our product completely”, – highlighted company’s deputy director Andrey Opanasenko.

As we developed our new style, we were inspired by the very process of turning grain into flour and then of transforming flour into something delicious, warm and fragrant. We mean to say that KyivMlyn flour is an ideal material for your creativity in the kitchen, and we suggest that our customers should spend more time with their families doing experiments and wonders in their kitchens. Now, our new slogan is – Cook and dream!

The new packaging will come into market soon.